T-Pain Concert Window Mural


Event window murals

For an annual festival hosted by the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)


FreezeFest: the First

The penguin image is my first large scale mural and the only one that involved any other artists. All the rest were solo projects.


FreezeFest: the Second

This 8' high by 3o' or so "FreezeFest" mural was is a place called the "Fireside Lounge."

The popcorn bag picture faces the Student Government office which has free kettle corn.

FreezeFest: the Third

T-Pain was so popular with crowds so here's another portrait! (this is an in progress photo)



"We’re off to Graduation, / To get our diplomas because / We hear it is a burgeoning market / With so many jobs for us / So many, so many great jobs for us!"


"Those bubble letters would look good on the side of a train." — a Janitor


Weekly Windows Sampling

Incidentally, this particular February 2 set some snowfall records for Upstate New York.


"Here comes the sun"


These glass doors face the main student walkway and are a prime spot to advertise events. Each week gets a different theme.