Delicious cakes! | originals approx. 6" × 6"


Expressive babies

Expressive Babies mini sticker set | 6" × 6" | Marker, colored pencil, gouache


Book Covers

A series of book cover illustrations for classic fairytales | 9 × 12" | Marker, colored pencil, Adobe Illustrator


Ev'ryone Wishes for

How do you measure its worth? Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth. ~ Lyrics by Johnny Marks from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 


Cute Character Design

Assorted character designs based on real and imagined people. | various original sizes | Marker, colored pencil, gouache, metallic ink 


Quirky Quotes

Without the second phrase, each of these quotes means the opposite of the whole. Markers, photoshop, illustrator.


Celtic Illuminated Letters

Click a letter to enlarge. A sample of a decorative alphabet based on traditional Celtic letterforms, knot work, illumination, and patterning.