Modern Book Covers

Book Covers with photos from free high-res photos from


Expressive babies

Expressive Babies mini sticker set | 6" × 6" | Marker, colored pencil, gouache


Fairy Tale Book Covers

A series of book cover illustrations for classic fairytales | 9 × 12" | Marker, colored pencil, Adobe Illustrator


Why Join a Club?

A series of slide show screens to be interspersed with club event advertisements and displayed on screens around campus


Illustrated Desserts

Delicious cakes. Originals 6" × 6"


Instagram Sports Advertising

A series of Instagram posts cheering on the RIT Men's Lacrosse team in their championship games. Photo Credit: RIT Sports ZonePhotoshop. Images from RIT Athletics Department.


Quirky Quotes

Without the second phrase, each of these quotes means the opposite of the whole. Markers, photoshop, illustrator.


Club Flyers

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.


Celtic Illuminated Letters

Click a letter to enlarge. A sample of a decorative alphabet based on traditional Celtic letterforms, knot work, illumination, and patterning.